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At Lilyfield ELC, we believe that our children are powerful agents and active citizen of our present and our future. By empowering our youngest minds, we provide a unique and innovative approach to children’s early education and care

Core Learning

We recognise how self-identity; context rich and respectful accounts of children’s strengths and interests can be interwoven to provide a curriculum that is rich and meaningful to our community of young learners.

Thinking Skills

We believe that when children are curious, they explore, ask questions, and solve problems with greater persistence and commitment. Our educators facilitate higher order thinking skills, such as creative and critical thinking, hypothesising and enquiring to further enrich our children’s learning.

Sustainable Practices

We recognise and respond to the importance of embedding sustainable practices in our curriculum.  We are committed to nurturing the minds of the next generation to be sustainable thinkers who are conscientious and environmentally minded.

Health & Wellbeing

At Lilyfield Health and wellbeing is integral to our curriculum. Our holistic program encompasses the concepts of nutrition, physical wellbeing, rest and relaxation, enabling children to make healthy choices for life.

Lilyfield ELC provides a curriculum that reflects the unique diversity of the children, families and local community.

Families and children are co participants with educators which informs our pedagogy, practice and program.

As educators we regard the teachings of Loris Malaguzzi highly and respectfully use this to observe and respond to the hundred languages of a child

Children are born with rights including the rights to be consulted, heard and listened to in matters that affect them. As active citizens we promote and advocate for children’s right and demonstrate the capacity to make important decisions and choices within our service. Our educators offer opportunities for our children to collaborate, vote and contribute to our parliamentary process.

We strive for a more just and equal world. We empower our children as future leaders and forward thinkers through our social justice and a commitment to equity. Our warm and inclusive approach to care and education enables children to succeed and discover their uniqueness.

We regard emotional wellbeing as the prerequisite for excellence and achievement in the early years. A strong sense of wellbeing provides children with confidence and optimism which maximise their learning potential and Influences the way children interact in their environments.

We foster meaningful partnerships with local schools, the experiences of which shapes our holistic school readiness program. We recognise, acknowledge and celebrate our diversity as a staff cohort and view this as a unique asset to program we provide.

Having successfully piloted a peer mentoring program, our staff cohort are Intrinsically motivated, continuously upskilling and passionate about making a difference to children lives. With collaboration, a growth mindset and willingness to achieve innovation. We will continually strive for excellence in everything we do for our community.

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