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Lilyfield Early Learning Centre

Our Philosophy

Lilyfield Early Learning Centre provides a holistic approach to the education and care of young children in a warm and nurturing environment that reflects the unique diversity of the children, families and local community.

Lilyfield Early Learning Centre recognises children as powerful and capable leaders in their own learning.  Our teachers use each child’s interests, strengths, experiences and challenges as the foundation of an educational program that supports each child’s learning.

Our Educators support each child’s learning through the implementation of teaching pedagogies that incorporate:

  • Providing an environment that is rich in open ended learning experiences and supports each child’s independent interests, learning and development;
  • Collaborative learning experiences between children and educators;
  • Implementation of intentional teaching opportunities where the educators have an in depth understanding of each child’s developmental level and learning style in their care and actively engage in planning learning opportunities to build upon and extend current knowledge and skills through the provision of resources and meaningful discussions, questioning and hypothesising;
  • Active engagement with the community of the Lilyfield Early Learning Centre which includes partnerships with the families of each child, local schools, businesses, community groups and services; and
  • A curriculum that is rich in in the key learning areas of maths, science, technology, literacy, music, creative arts and the environment which supports the development of each child’s language, cognitive, physical, social/emotional and creative skills.

Each child attending Lilyfield Early Learning Centre is provided with every opportunity to achieve the learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework and:

  • Develop a strong sense of their identity;
  • Connect and contribute to the world around them;
  • Develop a strong sense of wellbeing;
  • Become confident and involved learners; and
  • Become effective communicators.
Lilyfield Early Learning Centre
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