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Lilyfield Early Learning Centre

0-2 Year Program

Our staff are trained to provide a warm, caring and nurturing environment that instils trust for both parents and child.

For our younger infants, we work in partnership with each family to implement your child’s individual routine from home for eating, sleeping and play time. This provides your child with a safe and secure environment which is similar to home.

As your child grows our staff support your child to become more independent to complete tasks independently which fosters their self-confidence.

Each child’s individual care requirements, developmental strengths, needs and interests are catered for within our educational program.

Your child’s development is monitored during their time at Lilyfield Early Learning Centre using the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards Developmental milestones checklist. This document provides families and educators with age appropriate developmental milestones linked to the Early Years Learning Framework learning outcomes to monitor your child’s progress. A copy of the document can be found at the following website (https://www.cscentral.org.au/Resources/eylf/developmental-milestones.pdf).

Our Curriculum

Play provides opportunities for children to learn, as they discover, create, improvise and imagine. Children’s immersion in their play illustrates how play enables them to simply enjoy being (Framework, p.15).

Lilyfield Early Learning Centre

The Early Years Learning Framework combined with each individual child’s strengths, needs and interests is the foundation of our curriculum.

Sensory and explorative play experiences for children under 2years provide the earliest opportunity for the development of formal learning in the areas of literacy, numeracy and science. Instilling a passion for books will promote a desire to read as they grow. Children in this room will be learning about concepts such as number, quantity, shape, geometry, volume, floating, sinking, balance, weight, and height through play with blocks, puzzles, gardening, water and sand. Quality interactions between staff and children facilitates language development aligned to the variety of concepts being explored.

Encouraging explorative play prepares infants for the transition to the 2-3 year group where they take more control of their learning.

What to bring?

  • A broad rimmed or legionnaire sunhat
  • Nappies – a minimum of 5 per day
  • Nappy cream
  • Bottles with formula
  • Minimum of 3 changes of clothes
  • Drink bottle with water
  • Any comforters – dummy, cuddly toy, blanket

* Please ensure all items are clearly labelled with your child’s name

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