“It takes a big heart to shape a little mind.”

- Anonymous

At Lilyfield ELC, we have a dedicated team of educators who are advocates for children’s rights, their voices, and their learning

We are proud to be a close-knit family of inspirational and passionate educators who want to make a difference every single day.

Our educators bring with them a wealth of experience and knowledge but more importantly the biggest and warmest heart. We acknowledge our educators as our greatest assets and empower them through mentoring sessions, regular professional development and a wellbeing program designed to put their physical and mental health and wellbeing first.

Accolades at Lilyfield ELC

We are proud to have outstanding and dedicated educators as part of our Lilyfield ELC family and together we have reached great heights

When it comes to the progress and achievement of our young learners, leadership matters.

At Lilyfield ELC, we are so proud to have leaders in our midst, who not only aims for excellent outcomes for our children but also empowers our staff by giving them a voice and allowing them to lead in ways that inspires them.

Our Area Manager, Zoe Rule was announced as the 2018 Inspirational Educator in the ASG National Excellence in Teaching Awards. The NEiTA Foundation honours exemplary teaching practice throughout Australia.

Our Centre Director, Sharon Alexander received the Outstanding Graduate award in the HESTA Early Childhood Education Awards. The HESTA Early Childhood Education & Care Awards recognise the front-line educators and carers at the very heart of Australia’s early childhood education system.

Lilyfield ELC were finalist in three categories at The Excellence in Early Childhood Awards 2019. (Images) Inspiring young minds and nurturing our young community is central to what we do at LELC and this would not be possible without our amazing staff. We were incredibly proud of the commitment, dedication and passion of our team here at Lilyfield ELC.

Lilyfield ELC won the 2021 HESTA Awards in the Advancing Pedagogy and Practice category where we were recognised for our community focused learning approach that empowers children to have a voice and choice, through our innovative Junior Parliament process. We were also recognised for responding to the effects of COVID-19 on the mental health of children and staff through our ‘Mindful Moments’ program for children that includes guided meditations, yoga, and dreamtime stories and our ‘Be You’ program for staff.

Being sustainable is at the heart of Lilyfield ELC’s philosophy and it means so much to us to win the 2020 NSW ECEEN SPROuts Awards. To showcase our commitment to learning for sustainability, we began a centre-wide project to raise awareness about ocean conservation, which resulted in all the rooms building six different machines to clean plastic from the ocean. An expert from Maritime Museum awarded the first place ribbon to Row Boat Rosie, “a boat that transforms into a robot that catches rubbish using a sensory net. The net senses when a fish or other sea creature is caught and let it go. Once the rubbish is collected the robot uses it to replicate itself thus creating an army of robots that will help to save the ocean.” At LELC, we encourage our children to be sustainable thinkers who are environmentally conscientious (while still having lots of fun), creating a framework for positive engagement with our world from an early age.

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