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Lilyfield ELC provides a curriculum that reflects the unique diversity of the children, families, and local community

We are committed to excellence in everything we do and continually strive towards aspirational goals, that are innovative and forward thinking within the early education childhood sector

Friedrich Froebel, a German educator believed that

“Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul.” At Lilyfield ELC, we acknowledge play as the fundamental element and one of the keys ways “children organise and make sense of their social worlds, as they engage actively with people, objects and representations.”

- Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, 2009, p.46.

Our pedagogy is constantly reflected upon and our aim is to transform lives in everything we do. With collaboration, a growth mindset and willingness to achieve innovation, we will continually strive for excellence in everything we do for our learning community.

Parent & Community Involvement

To truly feel a sense of belonging as a child is to feel a shared emotional connectedness between their immediate world including their family, their community and their educators. Community has many contrasting meanings to different people. At Lilyfield ELC we have endeavoured to ensure that every child and family is supported and feels central to the hub of our community.

At Lilyfield ELC, we have proven success with fostering authentic community partnerships. We have enjoyed sustained visits and excursions from, the powerhouse museum as part of a research project, an exhibiting artist as part of creativity and the curriculum focus, the maritime museum as part of our sustainability commitments and our local library as part of our preschool program to name a few.

Family involvement builds an important part of our educational program and relationships. We have regular visits from our families who are experts in their own fields or who love to share a hobby. When family members come in to share their occupation or interests with our children, we see a spark of awe, wonder and a captivating interest ignite in our children. We do have the best community here at Lilyfield ELC.

Our Curriculum & Acvitities

All Weather Play & Excursions

Come rain or shine our children at Lilyfield ELC are out and about in our beautiful outdoor area or within our local community. Excursions form an integral part of our curriculum. Our children can explore, extend and enrich their current views and ideas and make meaning of the world around them through our excursions. We see powerful learning happening in these environments all the time. Our children enjoy excursions to the museums, art galleries, our local parks, aquariums and zoos, memorial sites, architectural wonders and edifices, libraries and bookstores to name a few.

We have also introduced bush kindy into our program. It is all about getting our children out of the centre and connecting with nature, reaping the rewards of spending time in our natural environment. Our children across all age groups spend several hours exploring and discovering, running and playing imaginative games, drawing, building structures, climbing trees and also relaxing and being part of our mindful moments’ sessions in the great outdoors.

Artist in Residence

At Lilyfield ELC our art is a safe play space:

– to belong;
– to be creative;
– to bring and express our full selves;
– to try out new ideas and share them with others and;
– to feel validated and offer ideas and yield to others ideas

Georgia Freebody is an artist, teacher, and art therapist local to Sydney, Australia. Georgia believes that engaging with art is restorative and to notice, love and connect with one another through art helps us understand our place in the world.

Yoga & Dance

We are excited to introduce Yoga and Dance to our curriculum and welcome Biancarose to our teaching family. Biancarose is passionate about teaching dance and yoga to children to help build their confidence and self-esteem. She has been practicing dance for over 15 years and yoga for 8 years now. She has her Diploma of Dance Teaching & Management from Brent Street Performing Arts and her Diploma of Yoga Teaching from the Yoga Institute. In addition, she is a certified children’s yoga therapy teacher.

There is a plethora of benefits to introducing dance and yoga to children. Some of these benefits include increasing physical fitness/development, assists with creativity, improves spatial awareness and helps with self-expression. Biancarose is enjoying teaching dance and yoga each week to the children of Lilyfield ELC and brings out that marvellous inner light, that all children have, to the surface.

Bonjour Babies

Bonjour Babies is a fun and stimulating language learning program for our young children. It is designed to capitalise on the benefits of exposing children to a second language in their formative early years when the brain is hardwired to effortlessly and naturally acquire languages. Research shows that early exposure to a second language leads to improved cognitive functioning (planning, problem solving, memory and performance) and superior reading, writing, analytical and even social skills.

The Bonjour Babies curriculum is designed to engage all of the children’s senses. Research has shown that children learn most effectively when more than one sense is engaged simultaneously. Hence Bonjour Babies has carefully planned programs incorporating singing, movement, actions, and sensory props to promote the most effective learning and retention of a second language. The program facilitates the growth and integration of the developing brain, laying foundations for higher learning abilities that are life-lasting.

Music with Jorge

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

– Victor Hugo

Music sparks all areas of child development and its plethora of benefits are endless. It helps the body and mind to work together. Jorge, our music and movement teacher, is a philosophy and psychology professor who loves music and children.

Through music, rhymes and games in different languages we want to be able to present the children with an array of cultural manifestations. Helping children learn about different cultural and musical aspects help in their psychometric development as well as social advancement focusing on the multi-cultural communities that we live in.

Jorge goes above and beyond to ensure our children identify rhythm, move to the beats and have a fabulous time. After all, music is meant to touch our souls and Jorge does just that!

Junior Parliament

At Lilyfield ELC, we advocate for children’s rights and listen to their voices in matters which affect them. Our children have a voice now and that voice needs to be heard now.

We embarked on a centre wide project that started by critically reflecting on how we enable children to make choices about matters that affect them. This led us to commence our Lilyfield Junior Parliament journey. We have two Members of Parliament representatives from four of our eldest classes. We meet regularly to discuss social issues and children are involved in decision-making and policy making. Our children MPs have been responsible for many successes including, designing our outdoor space, polling for their chosen turtle to adopt, helping to make masks and donating them to our local community during the pandemic and making worry dolls for our local community during child protection week.

Children are born with rights including the rights to be consulted, heard and listened to in matters that affect them. Our educators offer opportunities for our children to collaborate, always vote and contribute to our parliamentary process.

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