11/02/19 – Caring for Guinea Pigs

Since the arrival of our guinea pigs late last year, the children have enjoyed holding and patting them, and have become more confident even with hand-feeding them!

This morning we began looking more in-depth about how to care for guinea pigs. The children assisted with getting the guinea pigs food and water, and talked about how pets need food and water just like us. The children had some interesting ideas on why we need to drink water. We then each put some bedding down. The children knew which part of the ‘house’ the guinea pigs slept in.

We then had turns holding, patting and hand-feeding some fresh grass to the guinea pigs. The children are learning the appropriate way to hold and pat them to keep them safe without hurting or scaring them, for example not touching their eyes.

Through these experiences, children are connected to both the natural and the social world around them. They develop an understanding of how to care and interact respectfully with other living beings, and deepens an appreciation of animals and the planet.

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